Heathkit SB-310 Receiver Ebaman.pdf

Submitted By: Jerry Ingordo (Teknite)
Submitted On: 2010 03 25
File Size: 26,169.17 Kb
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File Author: Jerry Ingordo

This file contains the manual and fold out schematic for the Heathkit SB-310 SW Receiver.

Many Thanks to Gary Harmon for the loan of his manual to make this scan.


Jerry W2JI

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Comments: 8
avatar ChrisW6ATV
ChrisW6ATV 2 years ago
Thank you, Jerry and Gary! This SB-310 manual is superb!
avatar KB4LCI
KB4LCI 3 years ago
David 2020-12-30 many thanks.
avatar Padel
Padel 6 years ago
Thx a lot. Very useful manual for a second hand 310.
avatar PA3AAT
PA3AAT 7 years ago
Great manual! Thanks and 73's from Holland (PA3AAT)
avatar Badfinger232
Badfinger232 9 years ago
TNX so much! Now I can fix the radio. 73's
avatar oreskov
oreskov 9 years ago
Thx a lot!
avatar Patrick
Patrick 10 years ago
Thanks... Pat
avatar sergio
sergio 12 years ago
tanks and 73!