Heathkit SB-303 Edited.pdf

Submitted By: Jerry Ingordo (Teknite)
Submitted On: 2018 11 21
File Size: 23,953.86 Kb
Downloads: 86
File Author: Jerry Ingordo

This file contains a cleaned up version of K5JXL's scan of the Heathkit SB-303 Solid State Ham Band Receiver.

This version has enhanced navigation with links and bookmarks to find your way through the document.

Thanks to K5JXL for the original scan.


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Comments: 3
avatar WD5CFJ
WD5CFJ 2 years ago
Thank You!!!
avatar KB4LCI
KB4LCI 3 years ago
Thank you Jerry!!! KB4LCI
avatar k5wlr1
k5wlr1 5 years ago
Very clean; very sharp!