How EBAMAN Works.

It is quite simple.

In order to download and upload you have to be registered.

To register simply click the "register" link in the "login-box".

You will then receive an e-mail message with instructions for confirmation, click the "confirm-link" in the e-mail, and you are done.

You are then able to up and download manuals.

Download is limited to 5 files a day, this limit is applied, because I don't want the bandwidth miss-used by people ripping everything and then selling the stuff.

As a member you are allowed to post in the forums as well.


All files is orginized in categorys, similar to a Photo-album.

 You simply select the category and the avaible files are shown.

If you click on the thumb-nail you will see more information of the file.

The information itself is written by the uploader, so there might be more or less of it.

You will also have the possibility to add a comment to it, such as pages missing, or if you relize that the manual is only valid for a special revision or anything similar.

One very important thing.

DO not ask me or any other admins/moderators for specifik manuals, we DON'T have them, ask in the forum or even better ask in the relevant mail-list or group.

The same applies for fixing problems, We can't help you, ask for help in respective group instead.