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Realistic SA-10 Schematic
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Realistic SA-10 Schematic
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Schematic Diagram of Radio Shack Realistic SA-10 Audio Amplifier.  I use this on my test bench so I put it under test equipment.  Probably should go under a Radio Shack category in home electronics buy there is none.
Submitted By:
Dave007 (dave007)
Submitted On:
2010 03 11
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350.49 Kb
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Comments: 4
avatar N4ICU1978
N4ICU1978 8 years ago
Thank You, EBAMAN and Dave. I also help people and churches repairing stuff, but this is for my computer sound system that I am redoing.
avatar KF7DYU
KF7DYU 8 years ago
not the IC amp
avatar dantron
dantron 10 years ago
This schematic is for the SA-10, model 31-1982-A, with 4 output transistors. The 31-1982-B has two amp-paks (I.C.s), one for each channel in the output circuits.A portion of the input circuitry is the same for A and B models.
avatar trebordeer
trebordeer 11 years ago
The SA-10 Schematic shown does not represent the Amplifier PC Layout that I have. My board contains 2 Integrated Circuits, 2 transistors, and a full wave rectifier to name a few components. Where can I get a schematic for my Amp? Thanks for any help.