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Micronta 22-195 multimeter manual
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Micronta 22-195 multimeter manual
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Due to the available manuals being produced from pretty badly scanned images, I decided to redo it page by page including clear graphics. Ok, the file is 16 meg in size but the text is clear and the diagrams sharp and readable. The cover picture is an actual photo of my meter. I hope this helps a lot of people, I really enjoyed making it.

Submitted By:
Gordon (Flektor)
Submitted On:
2014 05 02
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16,959.88 Kb
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Comments: 6
avatar radio48
radio48 3 years ago
Excellent job. Thank you.
avatar Kaminski
Kaminski 4 years ago
It answered the question I had - thanks for making the writing so clear.
avatar weim
weim 7 years ago
Text is perfect,graphic is awful. I have found a better schematic of this, I will share it to everyone with title "Micronta 22-195 schematic"
avatar trexhouse
trexhouse 7 years ago
Thank you for your hard work. I recently picked one of these up very cheap and I needed to know how to use it. Much appreciated.
avatar simionovski
simionovski 7 years ago
Excellent job. Do not get worried about the file size. As I have seen many years ago in another site, "once data is lost it's gone forever, and bandwidth increases all the time."
avatar MikeTJ
MikeTJ 8 years ago
Excellent Job. Thanks for all your work.