THERE is a problem with the File-database, for some reason port 80 is added to the url, with the result that the page is not displayed, but an error-page instead.

A quick and dirty trick is for you to manually edit the url and remove ":80" from the url.

wrong url is ""

should be ""

I will try to solve it as soon as possible.


Now, this is the end of a very strange year 2020.

I have started a new site, targeted for repairing, overhauling and restoration of old equipment.
My hope is that it will be the one-stop site for this.
I allso hope that you will enjoy it.
It does not share the same userdatabase, so you will be required to register on that site as well, if you want to use it.
Anyway, url is

Ebaman was registered in 2007.
I started this with different Host adress, probably around 2003 or something like that.
Now there is time for some Changes.
I have one more admin helping me, His name is Mats Hummel, a Swede like me.
But I feel thats not enough.
We have learned for the past 2 or 3 months or so, not take anything for given.
Currently EBAMAN lives and dies with me (and I am 60).
If you want ebaman to live in the future there have to be some Changes.

I want EBAMAN to be a site, not reliable on one single person.
I want EBAMAN to be Community driven or something similar.
I want a Group of admins, that handles the ongoing support etc.
I want to create some sort of none-profit organisatinon that owns EBAMAN, pays for the hosting etc.

Now, I would very much appriciate any input on how to proceed.
Anyone, that feels that they could put some time for this site, please get in touch with me.
With best regards
Tomas Larsson