Sencore ZMeter Manuals or Spec Sheets / Brochures

brians4 , May 30 2010

I'm looking at getting a Capacitor Tester and / or Z Meter. I'll be going the surplus / feebay route beause of limitted finances so I'm looking for advice & information. I'm also interested in any info on the technology used so that I will be able to think about future repairability & anything about limitations, problems, calibration etc.

I know that some people consider the Sencore LC series to be the best thing available but I've not been able to find much info on the net about them.

I've found the range of models to be LC53, LC75, LC77, LC101, LC102 & the latest is LC103. I'm certainly not going to spend $2500 for the latest model but of the lot I've only found the LC102 manual online (Here Actually) & can't even find spec sheets or brochures of anything but the latest model.

Does anyone have that spec sheets or know anything about the different models or know of a source for the info - the Sencore Tech Notes would be nice to get an electronic copy of too.

I'm also trying to find a manual for the Sencore PR570 Powerite isolated variac.


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