Operating Manual for Neuberger Tube Tester RPM375

Eichlera , March 20 2014

By any chance has anyone come across an English translation of the Neuberger RPM375 Tube Tester? Here I've found only the manual and Test Cards for the RPM370 but nothing for the RPM375. Can anyone confirm that they are or are not interchangeable?


Good Day,

I cannot help you with the English version, but I can assure you that the Neuberger 375 is not identical with the 370 or the improved version also referred to as 370/1. You may want to refer to Hans-Thomas' excellent website here: http://www.hts-homepage.de/Neuberger/Neuberger.html, then browse to the specific pages. Hans-Thomas has spent his time to re-draw both schematics, which shall be helpful for comparing both designs. Just use your favorite online-translator tool.

Trust this helps,


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