HP 34750A display

puvodepuvi , January 23 2012

Dear All,
I'm looking for the original HP manual of the 34750A display, I found the TM 11-6625-2809-14 & P but it is incomplete and poor in definition quality.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation, regards Andrea


Hello Andrea,

I submitted an answere but I can't find it in the post. Any way I posted the Operating & Service Manual in the Map of HP "Meters".

Regards, Jan


Hello Andrea,

I have the Measurement System 3470 Operating & Service Manual for you. I will upload this file to this site.
I have pace this file in the map "Meters".


Hi Jan,
sorry for the late in answering, I was in a business trip.
Thanks a lot, I already found in the HP archive some days after my question here, however many thanks, now my 34702-34750 are running well calibrated (the flip-flop and the xor IC were blown and after their replacement the meter came alive).
I have some manuals and test equipment so in case of any need please do not hesitate to contact me at parodi57 @[at] tiscali [dot] it,
best regards, Andrea

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